Rosberg unhappy with Perez driving

By on Sunday, October 13, 2013
Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes AMG Petronas

Nico Rosberg has criticised Sergio Perez after the pair made contact during the Japanese Grand Prix.

Rosberg was recovering from a drive through penalty for an unsafe release into the path of Perez when he came up behind his Mexican rival on-track.

Under braking for the Casio Triangle, the drivers made contact, with Perez sustaining a puncture.

"I made a good start today and was in a strong position until my first pit stop. Unfortunately we then had the incident as I left the pit box which ultimately cost me a top position," Rosberg told BBC Sport.

"After that, we switched to a three-stop strategy and that worked out as well as it could for us. I was able to do some good overtaking manoeuvres, although I wasn't happy with Perez as the rules are clear."

"[It was] not right what he did. Definitely dangerous. The rules are clear if you brake and close the door you can’t move out again. I was there and he didn’t leave space so…"

"But it worked out perfectly, he broke his tyre, I was through. So that was good there," he concluded.

Rosberg was able to continue and finish in eighth place, while Perez could manage only 15th.

"I had such bad luck – things just didn’t go our way today," said Perez.

"In fact, I think you could say that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong."

"We had an incident with Nico in the pitlane, some of slow pitstops, and then another incident with Nico, which caused me to suffer a puncture – luckily, however, right at the entrance of the pitlane."

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