Rosberg rejects Hamilton strategy request

By on Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes AMG Petronas

Nico Rosberg has dismissed Lewis Hamilton's suggestion that the Briton should have attempted an alternate strategy in an attempt to win the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Rosberg led from pole position and used a three-stop strategy to secure the win, while a trailing Hamilton asked to try and alternative approach, a request which was not accepted by Mercedes.

"Our internal battle needs to be man against man, especially when there are no other competitors," Rosberg is quoted by the official F1 website.

"It needs to be us two, and removing the luck aspect. That's how it was, and the better guy won.

"There is too much luck that comes into it. For example we thought a two-stop was the way to go, and actually a three-stop was quicker.

"So if I had gone for two stops and Lewis had gone for three, even though I am quicker he will win the race. That's not fair."

Rosberg does not believes that any potential attempt from Hamilton to deviate from Mercedes' strategy would have been successful.

"A two stop Lewis would never have managed [it] - with the way he was pushing in the second stint he destroyed his tyres and then he dropped off. You could see his tyres were finished.

"So two-stop was never an option, three-stop was what he forced us to do as a result, and four-stop was not an option. There was no alternative anyway."

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