Rosberg may be in the lead, but Hamilton isn’t giving up just yet

By on Thursday, November 10, 2016

Red Bull Racing / Getty Images
With just a few hours of racing left in this year’s F1 season, we now know one thing for sure. That is that a man in a Mercedes overall will pick up this year’s drivers title. But that only narrows it down to two, and there is no way any Formula One fan can know which one it will be.

There has been very little to separate both men during this season. So far Rosberg has won 9 races and Hamilton has won 8. In fact the maths is so close between these two that the sport might have to look back at who achieved the most second places to figure out which driver to give the trophy to. By the way if you are wondering who would win if they both ended the season on the same amount of points and wins, then Rosberg currently has one more second place than Hamilton.

Of course if Rosberg does hold his lead, he’ll join a very exclusive group of men from his homeland to achieve such an honour. Although the success of Schumacher and Vettel’s multiple titles might make you believe that Germany has had a long history of world champions, they are the only two World Champions to come out of Germany in the last 65 years. But all of that could soon change. Just the other day, someone was tweeting about this post on an online casino about the impact these three men have had on the sport in the country. There is no doubt that the popularity of sport with children in the country will mean that another German name will join that group very soon.

It’s also very fitting that the article was posted on a casino website, as you’ve probably got as good a chance of deciding whether a roulette wheel will land on red or black as you do of predicting the outcome of this year’s season. In fact whether you’re a slot machine, blackjack or a poker fan, you’re probably better off putting your money on an online casino website like Lucky Nugget Casino than you are on the result of this season. As Hamilton knows too well, it will take just one car failure for Rosberg to close the gap between the two. If Hamilton hadn’t suffered that engine fire last month in Malaysia, it’s more than likely he would be in the lead to hold on to his world title.

But you could say that about a number of things this season. If Hamilton hadn’t let Rosberg win the first four races of the season then he wouldn’t have had to chase him all season. If Rosberg hadn’t settled for so many third, fourth, fifth and even a seventh place this season he would have had enough points to secure the title by now. But the beauty of this season means there’s every chance this battle could go to the final race.

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