Rosberg concerned about rear wing

By on Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nico Rosberg has expressed his concern about the new rules regarding the moveable rear wing

“It was a good outing, I felt at home straight away,” he explained to after returning from the garage. “I felt at one with the car, it didn't feel like a different car and that's important straight away. It's difficult to compare because I did only one test with the Pirelli tyres in November, but the general impression was that it felt very good.

“I tried the removable rear wing and that takes some getting used to! You push the button and the thing goes down at the back, so you feel the car getting a bit lighter, and then you release the button for braking and think, ‘Jeez, what if this thing hasn't gone back to its original position? You could have a big off!’

“So it takes some getting used to and you just have to trust it. It's not too different from the KERS but, still, the rear wing moves and we don't really know how quick it gets back to its normal working area once you release the button - it's a bit of a concern, still.”

Despite his worries, Rosberg is sure that the principal is positive. “The idea behind it is good,” he continued. “Overtaking should definitely be made easier and in the end nobody is going to ask, ‘Why is it easier?' If the racing is more exciting, that's it. The idea is very good, but it’s not zero concern. We have to think about it a little bit, whether it's the right thing to do.

“There are a lot of things going on now - KERS, the rear wing…KERS is something we need to hold for a specific amount of time, so we have to think about that as well; it doesn’t come naturally, it takes a lot of getting used to.
"Once you get the hang of it you need to judge - does it distract you too much with all those things going on in a race situation? We need to keep an open mind on that, like (Formula 1 governing body) the FIA has said.”

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