Rosberg backtracks after insulting athletes

By on Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jun.25 (GMM) Nico Rosberg quickly backtracked on Friday after insulting women sports stars as well as disabled athletes.

The Mercedes driver had been asked about the FIFA Women's World Cup soccer tournament, which kicks off in Germany on Sunday.

When asked if he watches women's football as well as men's, he answered: "Yes, it's like the Paralympics -- people who are not quite as good but overall it's still exciting."

Later realising his comments had been interpreted as offensive, the German said "the level (of premier women's soccer) is really high. I am going to watch it and I think the Germans are the favourites."

At least Rosberg, 25, knew the World Cup is about to kick off. According to Abendblatt newspaper, both Sebastian Vettel and Sergio Perez drew a blank when also asked in Valencia about the tournament.

"Women's World Cup -- is there such a thing?" Mexican rookie Perez enquired.

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