Rosberg and Hamilton dueling to the last

By on Friday, November 14, 2014

One race left. One race for all the marbles. One race to determine which of the Mercedes drivers will reign supreme in a season in which they lapped the competition, at times literally. It all comes to a head on November 23 in Abu Dhabi.

On that day there will be only two contenders for the Drivers Championship, Lewis Hamilton and his German teammate Nico Rosberg. Hamilton has finished first the most this season, with 10 victories to Rosberg's five, the type of season that has led to consider him "Perhaps the only genuine rival" to Rory McIlroy's claim as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. For his part, the German has spent most of those Hamilton victories on the podium as well, garnering points of his own. Several key victories and podium finishes in the rare races where Hamilton struggled also kept Rosberg in contention all season.

In the most recent race of the season in Brazil, he bolstered his chances by out-dueling Hamilton and snapping the Brit's five-race winning streak. The victory for Rosberg closed the gap to just 17 points heading to the finale of the the Formula 1 season.

The timing could not be much better for Rosberg, as this year the finale is worth double points, making it much easier for him to snatch the title from his teammate. While a first or second place finish guarantees the Drivers Championship for Hamilton, things get much trickier the farther down the standings the Englishman finishes. Under normal points, there would be just six ways for Rosberg to win the year, while the double points system balloons the possibilities to 25. Even a third place finish could doom Hamilton, while previously he wouldn't have had to sweat unless he tumbled to seventh or worse.

No matter what happens in Abu Dhabi in two weeks, Mercedes are the big winners of the 2014 F1 season. They clinched the Constructors Championship weeks ago and set a new record for 1-2 finishes in a season (11), and for months the only men with any chance at winning on the Drivers side of things were racing for Mercedes.

Now it comes down to a final race, with a new scoring system making it's debut to ramp up the drama, to determine which one it will be. Two drivers. One team. One race. A world of possibilities.

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