Ricciardo: Spain highlighted Red Bull issues

By on Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Daniel Ricciardo says that the recent Spanish Grand Prix - where he finished in seventh place - emphasised the current weaknesses with Red Bull's RB11.

Renault's engine issues had copped much of the blame for Red Bull's struggles at the start of 2015 but Toro Rosso's proximity to the senior team, allied to Red Bull's lack of overall performance, highlighted the current problems affecting non-engine problems at the Milton Keynes-based squad.

"I think we knew even before Spain but that highlighted it’s not only engine – we’re aware of that, putting our hands up and saying it’s not where we should be," he said.

"The last four or five years with Red Bull the stand out was downforce – even last year we were pretty good at high speed, it was our strength.

"This year we’re not better than anyone at high speed, if anything I think we’re slower than the top guys. For whatever reason we’ve not taken that step forwards and other guys have. Everyone in the team knows and we need to figure out why and fix it, it’s not just Renault.

"The car they’ve built is not working as expected but the ins and outs, I’m not sure."

Team-mate Daniil Kvyat said that Red Bull simply needs to keep working in order to rediscover its form.

"We do have room for improvement, the situation is not the easiest as Barcelona showed we need progress, we knew this anyway, so we will just keep working," he explained.

"It’s better to work than to talk."

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