Ricciardo frustrated by qualifying performance

By on Saturday, June 7, 2014
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull racer Daniel Ricciardo vented his frustration after qualifying in sixth place for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Ricciardo, who has finished on the podium in the last two races, was just 0.041s behind third-place team-mate Sebastian Vettel, but the competitiveness of the field means that the Australian will start from sixth on the grid.

"I'm trying to cheer myself up," he said. "I was a bit frustrated. Obviously when you're less than half a tenth from three more positions up the grid that's frustrating no matter what. It was a s**t house. If you want something you can actually print, it was scrappy!

"I lost quite a chunk in the second sector and I think here we struggled. Basically the super-soft has been a lot harder to turn on this year, and particularly around here, we basically needed a quick out lap, and we had to let a couple of quick guys through.

"There were a couple of guys in front as well, so basically it wasn't a quick enough out lap, I think, and just tried to fight a bit too much with the car when the tires and everything wasn't quite there to be fought with, and for that reason it was pretty scrappy.

"I could see I was a bit down in the first sector, a bit slower. Then I was just trying to make up lost time, in the end losing myself more time. We've been a little bit weak across the chicanes, and sector two has got a couple of them.

"We were fighting the car quite a lot through there. I probably overstepped it, and sometimes have got to understand when to take a little step back. We do have to try. You can't be too nice around here, you do have to take hold of it. I was probably just asking a bit too much from where the tire was for what I had. We'll hopefully have a good one tomorrow."

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