Ricciardo elated with second victory

By on Sunday, July 27, 2014
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

An ecstatic Daniel Ricciardo said that his second Grand Prix victory 'feels as good as the first' as he crossed the line at the head of the pack in Hungary.

Ricciardo started from fourth on the grid but moved to the front following a well-timed Safety Car period early on in the race.

He had to make another pit stop and emerged behind Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton and managed to pass both drivers during the closing stages to take his second win of the year.

"It feels as good as the first, it really does," he said. "The safety car at the beginning played to our advantage and then I thought when the second one came out it didn't really help us but we managed to pull it off at the end, had to pass our way through and that was a lot of fun in the last few laps."

Ricciardo admitted that he suffered a scare mid-race when his RB10 developed a minor issue.

"I honestly had a scare in the middle of the race, for a few laps we had some issues," he said.

"Basically, we were down on power and had to get a bit crazy on the switches, so I thought the race could have potentially ended early but we got through that and [I'm] very happy."

Ricciardo added that his first win, in Canada, left him wanting more.

"Obviously the first victory is special but it definitely leaves you wanting more," he said.

"I was just as hungry for this second one and it feels just as good - I won't say better but you realise it a bit more so if feels like you can enjoy it a bit more. And when I crossed the line, everything felt a bit more real, so I guess I took in a bit more of this one today. So it feels awesome.

"And I just want of obviously quickly thank the team as well. To have two victories in the first half of the season with them, obviously I owe a lot of that to them as well, for letting me just settle in, establish myself with them. They never put too much pressure on me, they let me roll into it as I liked - and I think that's been the best balance for all of us. The results are showing and I'll enjoy this one as much as Canada."

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