Ricciardo: Drivers against standing restarts

By on Tuesday, July 1, 2014

F1-Red-Bull-Daniel-RicciardoRed Bull racer Daniel Ricciardo says that Formula 1 drivers were in agreement against the introduction of standing restarts following safety car periods.

The World Motor Sport Council confirmed last week that drivers will line up on the grid and go through the starting procedure once the safety car peels back into the pit lane.

Ricciardo was asked whether the drivers were consulted prior to the rule being given the green light.

"We did, we all pretty much disagreed as far as I am aware," Ricciardo said at a Red Bull event prior to this weekend's British Grand Prix.

"I will let the veteran drivers speak their minds. I said I don't think it is the best thing, we will see what other drivers say about it."

Ricciardo went on to explain that such a rule is unfair on the leading driver.

"I don't want to go in to it too much but in a nutshell if you're leading the race by 20 seconds, the safety car comes out and you lose a 20 second advantage," he said.

"So what was looking like an easy victory is now still questionable. So that's already a big disadvantage for the leader who has obviously worked hard to build up that gap.

"To then put him in a standing start, anything can happen at the starts, not only an accident but you just get a poor start you can go from first to fourth before turn one these days. It just seems harsh."

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