Ricciardo: Barcelona defeat 'hard to take'

By on Friday, May 20, 2016
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Daniel Ricciardo has admitted that his defeat at the Spanish Grand Prix is still "hard to take," though has drawn encouragement from Red Bull's performance.

Ricciardo claimed the lead of the race following Mercedes' first lap collision, and went on to head the field throughout the first two stints.

However, Ricciardo's three-stop strategy, and the timing of his tyre changes, ultimately left him battling Sebastian Vettel for third, with the Australian unable to pass his former team-mate before a puncture ended his hopes.

"I think the outcome of the race was frustrating," he said. "Is it easy to move on? I wouldn’t say easy - can you move on, absolutely; it’s been a few days since the race and I wake up with it on my mind.

"I’m not going to bed with it on my mind but I’m waking up with it on my mind! It’ll take a bit of time, I think it’s more probably the last three races I feel the end result hasn’t been what we’ve deserved.

"I’ve felt that there’s been something better to have and available for me, now it’s like ‘come on’, but at the same times it’s just racing.

"Part of me is happy he team is winning again, and everyone is super motivated and confidence is high, that’s a positive I’m trying to draw myself to, but from a personal side it was massively frustrating, it’s a tough one.

"It’s a team sport but you are doing it for yourself as well, it’s as individual as it is team, that balance is a tricky one to always try and manage but from a personal side it’s still a hard one to take."

Ricciardo nonetheless accepted his and Red Bull's start to the season has been better than expected, following a low-key 2015 campaign.

"I think the season has been better than expected," he explained.

"On paper… I’ve had four fourths from five races, the first two fourths were really good, since then those fourths should have been better, I don’t feel we’ve got the most points we could have but in terms of competitiveness we’re better than we thought."

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