Renault: We want to win in 2011

By on Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Renault unveiled their new livery in Birmingham at the weekend

Renault technical director James Allison has described the team’s approach to the design of its new R31 as being at the “brave end of brave” as it looks to get back to winning ways this year.

Allison suggests the team has gone aggressive in the design of its latest challenger in a bid to take that next step forward.

“This time of year is a heady mix of both thrilling excitement of finding out, confirming that all your plans are coming to fruition and also abject terror that you will not deliver the thing in time,” he said in a video interview on Lotus Cars’ website.

“Anyone who follows the sport will have seen that words like aggressive, brave, are being bandied around across several of the teams this year for their solutions.

"I believe that we have chosen a direction that is really on the brave end of brave.”

// Click HereEric Boullier made clear the squad’s ambition for 2011.

“We want to win and we want to be successful in Formula 1,” Boullier said.

“The more attention we can get from the fans and the Lotus people and from all our sponsors, we put ourselves into a pressure mode because we have to win.

“We know now we will be much more competitive than last year. We don’t know yet obviously what the other teams, and the other forces, will be in F1 – but we already know we will be much stronger.”

Chief operating officer Patrick Louis said: “The objective for the team is to finish within the top three in the championship,”

Robert Kubica helped Renault regain form in 2010

“To get along to that objective, based also on the Resource Restriction programmes we have to run, we have been choosing and opting to re-insource a major part of the outsource jobs we have.

“[The team decided to do this] for many, many reasons because based on a higher efficiency in-house we are going to be able to match the volumes [of production], we can improve the quality level and we can decrease the external expenditure.

“So these cost reductions, which we can reinvest into research and development, should provide the future track performance we are looking for.”

Furthermore, Allison feels the legendary colour scheme will prove to be the standout livery on the 2011 grid.

“We’ve been fortunate last year with our car we had a very attractive paint scheme and it’s an absolute thrill that this year we’ve managed to surpass even that,” he said.

“We’ve got a paint job on our car this year which looks utterly magnificent. I think it will be the envy of the grid and I’m looking forward to seeing it go round the track.”

Renault will launch their new car on January 31st with Robert Kubica & Vitaly Petrov remaining with the team

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