Renault used three tokens for Monaco

By on Saturday, May 28, 2016
Renault Sport

Renault Sport

Renault's power unit upgrade, which it has brought to this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix, cost the manufacturer only three power unit tokens, the FIA confirmed on Saturday.

Renault trialled its development package during in-season testing in Spain and gave the green light for its introduction to be brought forwards, with Daniel Ricciardo and Kevin Magnussen running the upgrades.

The FIA confirmed on Saturday that Renault has now used 11 of its allocated 32 tokens, meaning it has used three for this specific upgrade, and has 21 tokens left for the remainder of the season.

Honda has 14 tokens remaining, Mercedes 11 while Ferrari has just six to play with, after spending the majority of its allocation across the winter period.

The token system, which was introduced in 2014, will be scrapped under revised 2017 regulations.

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