Renault confirms Magnussen suspension failure

By on Friday, April 15, 2016
Renault Sport

Renault Sport

Renault has confirmed that a suspension failure on the RS16 was the cause of Kevin Magnussen's truncated day at the Chinese Grand Prix.

Magnussen completed only six laps during the morning session when the component failed along the back straight, though the Dane was able to safely return the pit lane.

Renault has modified the component but the issue meant Magnussen missed the entirety of the second session.

"I had a suspension failure on the car, and that led to the tyre going," he said.

"It was fairly easy to control as I was going straight, not in a corner, so I just lifted.

"Otherwise I did some installation laps and some aero runs this morning which are always useful data-wise but I have plenty to do tomorrow morning in terms of what I can learn from the track and the car.

"It might rain as well, whereas the race is likely to be dry so this isn’t shaping up to be the straight-forward weekend I was wishing for but we’ll get there regardless."

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