Red Bull: Start of 2015 a 'wake up call' for Renault

By on Saturday, April 4, 2015
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko says that the start of 2015 has been a wake of call for power unit suppliers Renault after a difficult opening pair of races to the campaign.

Daniel Ricciardo placed sixth in Australia while team-mate Daniil Kvyat did not start due to a gearbox problem; last weekend in Malaysia Kvyat placed ninth and led home Ricciardo, as both drivers dealt with brake issues, with Ricciardo's race exacerbated by front wing damage.

The results mean that Red Bull is currently sixth in the Constructors' championship, already 65 points behind leaders Mercedes, leading to a fractious situation between Red Bull and Renault.

"We had very successful years with Renault so it was extremely unexpected that we had such a difficult 2014 season - that the Renault power unit could not match Mercedes," Marko told the Official F1 website.

"We did improve over the season and were the only other team to win races aside from Mercedes. So the disappointment that the start of 2015 was again a catastrophe was extremely big.

"Now we are in the second year of glitches - and right now in P6 in the constructors’ championship, behind our junior team! [Toro Rosso]

"Of course that is a wake-up call for the people in Viry [Renault's headquarters] and they have promised a significant performance raise in the course of the season that will enable us to close in again."

Marko says that the squad should recover, but that in the longer term the situation must change.

"Toro Rosso should be P5 and Red Bull Racing P3," he said when asked for his minimum requirements from 2015.

"With the handicap that we have this year with the power unit we could say: ‘that’s okay for this season’ - but not for medium term."

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