Red Bull set for new flexible floor saga

By on Friday, October 7, 2011

Rumours are once again swirling in the F1 paddock about the alleged illegality of Red Bull's dominant single seater.

The latest speculation is about the apparent flexibility of the Adrian Newey-inked RB7's floor.

"I've heard about it but I certainly do not participate in the rumours," Mercedes' Norbert Haug admitted on German Sky television.

"There are enough people who do that -- spending a lot of time writing all sorts of those kinds of stories," he added.

"Of course, everybody looks around, which is perfectly normal."

Swiss commentator Marc Surer said he has seen the offending images of the bottom of Mark Webber's car, showing "drag marks in the middle of the floor".

"The competitors see it too and think 'Ah, something is up'. I happen to think that as long as the car passes the tests, everything is in order," he added.

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