Red Bull lost front wing before Ferrari 'flutter'

By on Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo credit: Red Bull GEPA

A mischievous rumour in the Buddh circuit paddock could help to explain the behaviour of Ferrari's front wing this weekend.

The team set tongues wagging in India with another version of its 2012-style prototype wing.

At high speed, the behaviour of the wing has been described by observers as oscillating or - as per the aviation jargon - "fluttering".

The wing was also flexing towards the track whilst obviously passing the aerodynamic load tests -- a mysterious phenomenon first perfected by Red Bull.

Ferrari, competitive so far in India, may now be on the way to emulating the effect, less than two months after the Italian grand prix.

At Monza in September, Red Bull reportedly 'lost' an entire version of the dominant RB7's front wing following Mark Webber's crash.

According to Auto Motor Sport, some paddock figures "think the component ended up at Maranello".

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