Red Bull knows why Ferrari wings flutter

By on Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ferrari was plagued by front wing fluttering problems in India and Abu Dhabi

Red Bull knows why flexible front wings flutter, according to Germany's Auto Motor und Sport.

With the 2011 title chase over, Ferrari began experimenting with Red Bull-like front wings recently but have struggled to solve a "fluttering" phenomenon seen mainly on the car driven by Felipe Massa.

But Red Bull also experienced some fluttering in Abu Dhabi, with team boss Christian Horner also admitting: "Mark Webber had the same (problem) at Suzuka."

The German magazine cites Red Bull sources in saying the explanation is quite simple.

The fluttering usually occurs at the end of a straight with the DRS rear wing system deployed, meaning that the aerodynamic load is increased at the front of the car.

"Then, if the tyre pressure is low, the car bounces on the tyre" causing the heavier endplates to vibrate, said Auto Motor und Sport.

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