Red Bull investigates Webber's Aus struggle

By on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mar.29 (GMM) Red Bull has vowed to get to the bottom of Mark Webber's lack of pace in Australia last weekend.

While his teammate Sebastian Vettel dominated the field, Webber struggled in the sister car, moving team consultant Helmut Marko to surmise that the Australian's RB7 may have had a chassis fault.

"They were in different worlds," Ferrari test driver Marc Gene wrote in his El Mundo column.

Confirmed team boss Christian Horner: "We need to go through things with a fine tooth comb. That was the biggest gap we've seen between the two of them that I can certainly think of."

Webber's father Alan admitted the 34-year-old's mood was "flat" when he realised he was so far behind Vettel's pace.

"I won't be lining myself up for races like the one I've just had every weekend," Webber said.

"The telemetry after the race gave us a few pointers, but we really need to strip the car down to see if there was something seriously wrong," he added.

Horner continued: "We found some front wing damage that might have had an effect, but to what extent is difficult to quantify.

"We need to get the car back, look at the data, understand if there is anything that was damaged, how it affected the car, and make sure they're both back to business as usual in Malaysia," he added.

But Webber acknowledged the possibility that he was to blame.

"Of course you have got to look at everything, including yourself," he admitted.

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