Red Bull aims to solve KERS issues soon

By on Friday, June 17, 2011

Jun.17 (GMM) Red Bull is confident about getting on top of its recurring KERS problems in the near future.

The RB7 has dominated the 2011 season so far, but the team has at the same time struggled consistently with its energy recovery system, having not used the technology when it was first seen in formula one in 2009.

Red Bull has taken a different approach to KERS than its main competitors, reducing the size and weight - and therefore power - of the basic Magneti Marelli unit in order to maximise Adrian Newey's parameters for the car's aerodynamic packaging.

"I'm still sure that we've done the right thing," the team's chief designer Rob Marshall told The Sun newspaper.

"Once we get it to work, we'll be happy that we've made the right choices. We haven't made any wrong decisions," he insisted.

However, according to Newey, Red Bull underestimated the challenge taken on by deciding to considerably tinker with the unit that is proving reliable aboard the Renault cars.

"It needs a lot of research, lots of development. It is not really our forte. We are an aerodynamics and, sort of, chassis composite engineering group rather than a KERS group," said the Briton.

He admitted that Red Bull implemented the project with quite a small group of engineers dedicated to KERS.

"With hindsight (the group was) probably a little bit too small," said Newey.

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