Q&A with Luiz Razia

By on Thursday, November 10, 2011

A winner in GP2, Luiz Razia tested Team Lotus's T128 in China. We speak to him ahead of this weekend's GP2 non-championship round in Abu Dhabi. 

F1Zone: Hi Luiz, how would you rate your GP2 season?

Luiz Razia: First of all when I did arrive at Team Air Asia in 2010 there was nothing, so to build the team from there to end up 6th in the championship with a victory, 4 podiums and a pole position is very nice. I think it was a good season overall, ups and downs but a good effort, the position in the drivers’ championship is not great I know that's why I'm not happy, but we will see what’s up for 2012.

F1Zone: Out of your fellow GP2 drivers, who have you been most impressed by?

LR: Romain Grosjean I think, because he was very consistent through the season, not dominant but very regular, this is very hard to do in GP2.

F1Zone: Is there a good atmosphere amongst the GP2 drivers, because ultimately you’re all competing against each other for very few F1 seats?

LR: I don't know. I speak with a few of them, like Dani [Clos], Jules [Bianchi], [Julian] Leal, Rodolfo [Gonzalez], Marcus [Ericsson], but not many. They are all nice guys but we need to fight hard at the track and sometimes can give the wrong impression, that's why it’s important to "hate the game, not the player" (Laughs).

Testing the T128 in China

LR: I don't know yet, options for GP2 and F1 are open. I need racing in my blood: that's why I always keep racing; it’s very difficult to keep out of pulling the clutch down and putting some rubber down!

F1Zone: You drove the Lotus T128 in China, how different is it to the GP2 car?

LR: Very different, the tyres to start with are very different, and aerodynamic and a lot of things, but GP2 is a good start for F1, a great one.

F1Zone: Is it difficult to get recognition in Brazil when they already have three F1 drivers?

LR: Yes, we get a very hard time when we do not perform. I guess it will be the same in 5 years time in Germany, if they don't perform people will start to talk about it, it's normal; the human nature likes to compare even if the history is not the same.

F1Zone: Being part of Team Lotus, how do they help you further your career?

So much until now, they give me great opportunities and is a great team to grow with, I'm very looking forward to keep working for them in the future.

GP2: On the way to pole in Hungary

F1Zone: If you can’t make it to F1, are there any other forms of motorsport that interest you?

LR: I like Le Mans VERY MUCH. I think it is a fantastic category, because of development, simulation, teams and everything. I'm very much into engineering so I like all the categories that technically are difficult, like F-1, GP2, Le Mans and others.

F1Zone: If you could design a racing circuit, what would it consist of?

LR: Variable camber changes corners, that would be impressive; a short corner distance and a bigger one with a lot of camber but if you do the calculum Vm= ΔS/ΔT; ... It could work.. Well people might think I'm crazy, but when big changes are made people think it's crazy until it is reality

F1Zone: Who do you think is the best driver in F1, and why?

LR: I wish I could be there!

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