Q&A: Toro Rosso's Buemi & Alguersuari

By on Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We ask Toro Rosso’s young guns about their challenging season.

F1Zone: How have you enjoyed your season?

Sebastien Buemi: It has not been the best. At the start of the season, when the car was relatively more competitive, I had a lot of bad luck and was involved in accidents that were not of my own making. Then, as the season progressed, the other teams brought in technical developments quicker than us, so we struggled against them. For example, while in 2009 I was regularly getting to Q3, I did not manage it once this year.

Jaime Alguersuari: This was my first full season. When I went testing in February it was the first time I had ever taken part in an F1 test session! So, I am pleased with 2010, because even if our car was not so competitive, I think towards the end of the year, when I had more experience, I was getting the most out of the car and doing the best I could.

What was the STR5 like to drive?

Sebastien Buemi: It was not difficult to drive, but like I said it was not competitive as we did not have all the technical developments that some other teams introduced.

Jaime Alguersuari: It just was not fast enough. But it’s hard for me to make a real comparison because in 2009 I had so little experience it is hard for me to say what that car was like.

What areas do you view as your strengths & weaknesses?

Sebastien Buemi: We are all in F1 so we are all at a certain level just to be here. You cannot pick out specific points. I have now done 2 seasons so although I know what I am doing; I can still improve in every area. Even the really experienced drivers say they learn every time they get in the car.

Jaime Alguersuari: At the moment, my strength is that I have now done at least one complete season. In 2009 the car was driving me more than I was driving it. I have got much fitter this year and now I just need to do a lot more testing and racing, because you can't say 'I am good at this type of driving and bad at that.'

How do you view the relationship with your team mate?

Sebastien Buemi: We get on fine. I just wish he wouldn't throw his dirty socks on the floor in our drivers’ room.

Jaime Alguersuari: They say your first rival is your team-mate and I am always trying to beat Seb on the track. He's a nice guy and when we're not working we can have a laugh together.

What are your hopes for 2011 and beyond?

Sebastien Buemi: My hopes are to do much better in 2011, when we will have more new changes to the technical rules. At least we will have more experience of designing our own car, so hopefully we can move up the order.

Jaime Alguersuari: I now feel I have reached a level where I need to start getting more good results, because I am fit enough to drive the car and I understand enough on the technical side. I hope to put all that together to have some good races, but this is a sport for man and for machines, so it is hard to say what my hope are until we know how fast is the STR6.


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