Prototype tyres to be tested at Silverstone

By on Monday, June 24, 2013

Pirelli will bring prototype tyres for teams to use during Friday practice at Silverstone.

Each driver will have two sets of these tyres to test during the two sessions, assuming conditions remain unaffected by wet weather.

"Silverstone, with its very high average speeds and flowing series of corners, presents an extreme contrast to Canada three weeks ago – which was much more stop and start," said Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery.

"Like Canada, it’s a circuit that takes a lot out of the tyres, but for very different reasons. We’ve brought the two hardest compounds to the British Grand Prix because of that, with a new bonding process connecting the tread to the steel belt, which is designed to eliminate the isolated delamination issues to reach a unanimous agreement about this: however, we do still have that possibility on stand-by should it be required in future."

"During free practice at Silverstone we will have the same prototype hard seen earlier this season. The actual construction of the tyre won’t change, as the teams weren’t able tyre available that we tried out on Friday in Spain, aimed at even greater durability than our current hard. This is in order to give the teams the chance to test this new compound on a different track to collect more data."

Hembery also expects to see three or four stops being used in this weekend's race.

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