Porsche discouraged by F1's lack of road relevance

By on Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Red Bull/Getty Images

Porsche opted to return to top-flight sportscar racing rather than entering Formula 1 due to the latter's lack of relevance to road cars, according to Porsche's head of R&D Wolfgang Hatz.

The German company will enter the LMP1 championship in 2014's World Endurance Championship.

"We are a sports car company," Hatz told Autocar at the Shanghai motor show.

"Porsche has always lived for the transfer of racing to production cars".

"For that reason it was clear two or three years ago that we had to be back in high-level motorsport, and it was a choice between top-flight sports cars or Formula 1."

"But the final decision was the only logical one. F1 was an alternative, but the road relevance is not there. Also, there is a lot of publicity around politics and tyres, but not so much about the engines and chassis. The aero, too, is incredible, but so extreme that it cannot result in any development in our road car understanding."

Red Bull driver Mark Webber denied rumours linking him to Porsche's LMP1 programme next season.

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