Police detonate suspected bomb in F1 paddock

By on Friday, May 25, 2012

Police carry out a controlled explosion of a suspect package at the Paddock gates.

A mysterious package which had been left at the entrance to the Monte-Carlo street circuits media centre has been detonated in a controlled explosion, after the local police initially cordoned off the area at around 9:45pm local time. Onlookers including journalists and other members of the media were pushed back 50 yards from the scene, as a bomb disposal expert examined a white plastic box.

After examining the package, the expert declared the item suspect and began wiring it up in preparation for a controlled detonation. Moments before the detonation occurred, the onlookers were asked to move back a further 20 yards. The package was finally detonated with a considerable amount of noise, and left shards of white plastic at the scene.

This is the second consecutive time a bomb disposal expert has been called upon at the Monaco Grand Prix, after last year a discarded bag was examined prior to Sunday’s race. However, unlike this year, the bag was eventually considered safe and was not detonated.

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