Pirelli to supply hard tyre at first races - report

By on Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb.14 (GMM) Based on the first two tests of the 2011 group pre-season, new official supplier Pirelli has already decided upon which tyre compounds to take to the first four grands prix of 2011.

Auto Motor und Sport said that amid complaints of severe degradation at Valencia and Jerez, no driver managed more than a 15-lap run on the compounds supplied to teams last week.

"For the first four races Pirelli will therefore go on the safe side," read the German report.

With a compound 'gap' to be left between the race selections again in 2011, that safe option is therefore the hard and soft compounds.

The compound between the hard and soft - the medium - reportedly loses a full second of pace after one lap and then remains quite consistent for the next ten laps.

"Then you have to change them," confirmed reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel. "If you go further, you would lose too much time."

And it is believed that GP2 graduates Pastor Maldonado and Sergio Perez both crashed at Jerez last week because they were surprised with the behaviour of new Pirellis.

"A fresh set of tyres no longer feels like a fresh set of tyres," said veteran Rubens Barrichello. "In the fast corners the rear suddenly loses grip without notice if you overdo it. Suddenly you lose the rear.

"This could cause problems for inexperienced drivers," added the Brazilian.

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