Pirelli to push for extra tyre testing

By on Thursday, January 28, 2016
Pirelli Media

Pirelli Media

Formula 1 tyre supplier Pirelli has reiterated its desire for further specific tyre tests, in order to meet the demands of the 2017 regulations.

Pirelli has pushed for testing across recent years and for 2016 the FIA has tweaked the regulations to allow the Italian company to conduct six two-day tests during the course of the season.

A meeting will be held in Milan next week between Pirelli and Formula 1 stakeholders in a bid to define the mandate provided to Pirelli from the start of 2017.

"In 2017 the technical aspects will become even more complex, so Pirelli isĀ even more convinced of the need to carry out more on-track testing," read a statement issued by the company.

"This is a factor that has been extremely limited in recent years, despite the important evolution of the cars and subsequent increase in performance.

"All these are vital steps towards tyre development that takes into account the future evolution of the cars and added performance, which will be particularly notable in 2017.

"This will allow an even more effective use of the advanced technology that makes Pirelli the world leader in performance tyres."

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