Pirelli to investigate serious tyre failures

By on Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lewis-HamiltonPirelli's motorsport director Paul Hembery has confirmed that the tyre company will be conducting a full investigation following serious failures during the British Grand Prix.

Five drivers suffered tyre failures during the race and Hembery says Pirelli will be investigating the matter.

'There have obviously been some issues with rear-left tyre failures which we have not seen before," Hembery said.

'We are taking the situation very seriously and we are currently investigating all tyres to determine the cause as soon as possible, ahead of the next Grand Prix in Germany."

"At the moment, we can't really say much more until we have fully investigated and analysed all of these incidents, which is our top priority.
However, Hembery ruled out the possibility that the new bonding process, introduced at Silverstone, was to blame.

"We can exclude that the new bonding process, which we introduced at this race, is at cause for the tyre failures we have seen today."

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