Pirelli says tyres not designed for Schumacher

By on Monday, March 7, 2011

Mar.7 (GMM) Pirelli did not design its 2011 tyre, or the product's forthcoming development programme, with any specific driver in mind.

Some drivers, notably Felipe Massa and Michael Schumacher, struggled on last year's Bridgestones and saw the arrival of Pirelli as an opportunity to race on tyres more suited to their driving style.

So far, drivers who favour stronger front grip and oversteer are reportedly enjoying the characteristics of the Pirellis.

But the Italian marque's motor sport boss Paul Hembery insists: "We did not design our tyres for the specific needs of a driver like Michael Schumacher in mind."

Hembery revealed that when the German did a race simulation in Barcelona recently, he stopped three times for new tyres.

"For the strategists but also for the drivers, the races are now an even greater challenge," the Briton told Auto Bild.

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