Pirelli reveals six tyre colours for 2011

By on Friday, March 18, 2011

Mar.19 (GMM) Pirelli has finally confirmed it will use different colours to visibly differentiate its tyre compounds this season.

We reported in January that the 'Pirelli P Zero' lettering on the sidewall will have a different colour per compound for the benefit of the spectators in 2011.

The Italian marque announced to the media on Friday that the hard tyre lettering will be silver, white for the medium, yellow for the softs and red for the super-soft.

The intermediate tyre letting is light blue, and orange for the full wet.

"These (colours) will enable both live and television audiences to tell at a glance who is on what compounds, which will be vital knowledge as tyres are set to form a key part of race strategy this year," said Paul Hembery.

The silver (hard) and yellow (soft) tyres will be seen at the first three grands prix of the year, starting with the season opener in Australia next weekend.

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