Pirelli hits back at F1 tyre criticism

By on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mar.2 (GMM) F1's new official supplier Pirelli has hit back at the criticism about its 2011 tyres.

Drivers, including world champion Sebastian Vettel this week, have admitted concerns with the severe degradation of the 2011 Pirellis.

The marque hit back in the form of a statement published by Italian news outlets.

"The increased degradation is a feature specifically requested by the teams and the organisers to improve the show," the Italian language statement reads.

"This is an opportunity for the sport, not a problem," added Pirelli.

"What must be said is that we have not run with optimum conditions in the official winter testing, both in terms of temperatures too low and the track conditions.

"We hope that in Barcelona for next week's test there are the conditions to allow everyone to verify the real performance of our tyres," the statement added.

"We will continue to work closely with the teams and pay great attention to their feedback," said Pirelli.

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