Pirelli extends GP2/3 tyre contract

By on Wednesday, September 18, 2013
GP2 Media Service

GP2 Media Service

Pirelli has confirmed that they will continue to be the sole tyre supplier to the GP2 and GP3 series in the forthcoming seasons.

The Italian company has supplied tyres to GP3 since the series began in 2010 and took over responsibilities from Bridgestone in GP2 from the start of 2011.

Both GP2 and GP3 run identical compounds to Pirelli's Formula 1 tyres in order for the young drivers to become accustomed to the rubber.

"We're delighted to continue supplying our tyres to both the GP2 and GP3 championships, which have proved to be an effective ladder of opportunity for those wishing to compete at the top levels of motorsport, said Paul Hembery, Pirelli's motorsport director.

"It is the perfect training ground and we've already witnessed several drivers progress up the ranks to compete in Formula One, which just goes to show how important these championships are."

GP2 and GP3 CEO Bruno Michel says Pirelli's presence is a boost for both series.

"I am very happy to have renewed our deal with Pirelli for the forthcoming seasons," he said.

"Our relationship, which started when we launched GP3 in 2010, has always been strong and healthy. It was then natural to choose them for GP2 Series since they also had become F1 sole supplier and it has always been our philosophy to use the same tyre supplier as F1's. For the past three seasons this partnership has provided some of the best races in our history. It is great working with Pirelli: they are very reactive and understanding of what needs to be provided in order to make our categories extremely competitive."

"As sole tyre supplier to both our Series, Pirelli prepares young drivers for the next step where tyre management is key, but also fully supports them in the development of their career: the GP3 Champion will again receive a cheque of 200,000 Euros from Pirelli should he graduate to GP2 whilst the GP2 Champion will be offered a day of tyre testing behind the wheel of a Formula One car."

GP2 will continue to use the GP2/11 chassis into 2014 in a bid to cut costs, with some of the flyaway rounds also rumoured to be facing the axe.

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