Pirelli expecting one-stop strategies at Monaco

By on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Although Pirelli’s super-soft tyre compound is making it’s debut at this weekends Monaco Grand Prix, Pirelli believe a one-stop tyre strategy could be used by some drivers who wish to utilize the many varying strategies open to them throughout the race.

With the Monte-Carlo track surface the least abrasive on the 2012 calendar, tyre wear is expected to be at its lowest throughout the weekend. The soft tyre compound, which is making its fifth appearance of 2012, is predicted to be able to last around 50 laps, a fact which could make a one-stop strategy for the midfield teams who qualify outside the top 10 an enticing option.

However, with the safety-car more than likely set to make an appearance throughout the race, the teams will need enough flexibility in their race strategies to be able to adapt to any sudden safety-car deployment. Although a one-stop strategy is an option some drivers’ may use, a three-stop strategy could also be very beneficial. Jenson Button used a three-stop strategy last season, and finished the race 3rd behind Fernando Alonso who made two stops and eventual race winner Sebastian Vettel who opted for a one-stop strategy.

“With the wear rate being so low in Monaco, the drivers will be able to push at their hardest from start to finish.” Explained Pirelli’s motorsport director, Paul Hembery, “Tyre strategy will be very important in Monaco, where on-track overtaking is more difficult than anywhere else. Having said that, the Principality has a history of often springing a surprise. With the cars so evenly matched now, even the slightest advantage or smallest mistake can have a big impact on the final outcome of a race, as we’ve seen so far this season.”

With such varying strategies being played out during last years Monaco Grand Prix, it’ll be intriguing to see how this years race pans out. The Pirelli tyres have been a major factor so far this season, and this weekend a new compound makes its debut in what is already regarded as the most exciting start to Formula 1 season in years.

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