Pirelli confirm changes after Silverstone fiasco

By on Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Silverstone tyrePirelli has confirmed that changes will take place after five drivers suffered tyre failures during the British Grand Prix.

Pirelli blamed the failures on a number of causes: the adoption of tyre pressures too low or at least lower than those provided by Pirelli, the adoption of camber angles pushed as well as the kerbs, most notably one at Turn 4.

Rversed mounting of the rear tires was also to blame: a practice where teams use right rear tyres on the left rear (and vice versa) for added durability; Pirelli advises against this but it is not against regulations.

The company claims that if the tyres are used correctly, there is no issue with safety.

For this weekend's German Grand Prix, Pirelli will reintroduce the kevlar belt from 2012.

Ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, a combination of structures and compounds from 2012 and 2013 will be tested at the young driver test, and they will then be used at the Hungaroring.

"What happened at Silverstone was completely unexpected and it is the first time that has occurred in more than a century of sports history of Pirelli," said Paul Hembery, Pirelli's motorsport director.

"I reiterate that the product, 2013, used properly, is totally secure."

"The experience of Silverstone however, leads us to ask to have full access to the data in order to ensure the proper development and use of tires as sophisticated as those that have requested and able to provide such high performances."

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