Perez hits out at Parabolica tweaks

By on Thursday, September 4, 2014
Sahara Force India

Sahara Force India

Sergio Perez says that it is a 'shame' that gravel on the outside of Monza's famous Parabolica corner has been largely replaced by Tarmac run-off.

Officials at the circuit made the tweaks recently in a bid to improve safety at the legendary circuit.

But Perez criticised the decision and said that it now allows drivers to make errors and not face being punished.

"I’m not really happy; my opinion is that we were not in a risk, the integrity of the drivers was never a risk, it was more [you make] a driver error, [you] lock the wheels, [you] get a moment and you are stuck in the gravel which I think is a nice thing. Parabolica is an iconic [part] of Monza so it’s a shame we lost it, I don’t see the reason we changed it.

"The only thing it changes is the confidence, if something went wrong and you made a mistake in the past, the gravel is waiting for you, you lose a couple of seconds, now there is a space and you can afford to do a mistake and not lose so much."

"Obviously the FIA is always looking for the safety of the drivers, but there was not a big risk as a driver there. I don’t think it was a big risk, there are places with more risk for a driver that they didn’t change. It’s a shame as I love Monza, it’ a great place, I love the history of the place, I’m a big fan, so it’s a shame with Parabolica that we lost the touch of it."

Perez is nonetheless hopeful that Monza's long straights will aid Force India's chances at this weekend's Italian Grand Prix.

"The track layout has big straights, big braking, couple of chicanes, you need traction and stability which is one of the strongest parts of the car, an upgrade for Singapore should move us forward but we are in a big fight with McLaren as well so we should not forget this weekend," he said.

"We are behind, it’s not something we can hide, we are a small-midfield team that financially…it’s an expensive sport, as a team we are maximising everything. Some reliability issues at the beginning of the year are taking more than they should this year, but I’m happy, I know the plans of the team next year so we should be in a good position for the future as well."


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