Perez: Barcelona will suit us better

By on Thursday, May 8, 2014
Sahara Force India

Sahara Force India

Sergio Perez believes that this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix will suit Force India better than the previous race in China.

Perez finished the Chinese Grand Prix in ninth place but reckons his struggles were exacerbated by how well Force India performed in Bahrain, when he claimed a podium finish.

"I think this track will be better for us," he said. "Of course it’s different to Bahran, but it’ll be important for us as a team to see where we are. We need to put the momentum forwards – it will be difficult to match Ferrari and Red Bull so we need to be as close as possible to them and [be] the next [team behind.

"[China struggles were] exaggerated by Bahrain – which was a good circuit for us. Coming out of the corners [in Bahrain] the engine definitely helped but coming out of a long corner you need downforce – which we don’t have."

Perez believes that Force India is simply lacking downforce.

"I think it’s pretty much every corner, we’re lacking a lot of rear downforce, we just don’t have it," he said. "Our car is struggling more than others. Hopefully we can move forward as quickly as possible as it will now be a competition of development in which we can’t fall behind."

The Mexican racer also admits that he is surprised by the form of his previous team, McLaren, which has suffered a drop in form since the opening round of the year in Australia.

"I think McLaren for some reason they struggle quite a lot after the first race, which I struggle to understand why as they looked very competitive in the first race but they were not any more competitive," he said. "We know they’re a good team, so hopefully they don’t come back!"

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