Palmer hopes track time leads to race seat

By on Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Lotus F1 Team

Lotus F1 Team

Jolyon Palmer says he hopes to use the extensive track time which he is receiving with Lotus this season to prove that he deserves a place on next year's Formula 1 grid.

Palmer, the reigning GP2 Champion, has taken up a test and reserve role with Lotus this year and the Briton has completed several practice and test sessions for the squad.

It is these outings in the E23 Hybrid which Palmer is hoping to use as a platform to launch a bid for a 2016 race seat.

"It is important that my main goal is to be racing here [at Lotus] next year," he said. "I am under their noses and they have seen exactly what I am doing.

"Other teams won’t know what we are doing in terms of the plan, fuel loads, all the time and the exact comparison. So Lotus has a better idea but of course other people can see the job I am doing and you can never know what will happen in the driver market.

"If I don’t get a drive with Lotus, I will get a drive somewhere else. Every time I am driving is obviously good to not just show Lotus what I can do."

Palmer said that ensuring he had as much track time as possible was crucial, to avoid the fate of his predecessors Davide Valsecchi and Charles Pic.

"It was important for me to be driving the car as much as possible in this role," he said. "I have seen Valsecchi and even Charles Pic last year, they didn’t really do a lot.

"You can’t further your career if you are not driving a car. You can be as good as you like talking to the engineers but if you can’t show what you can do in the car, you are no better off really.

"So that was important for me. So far it has gone really well every time I have been in the car, the engineers are happy and the team is happy. So that is good for me that they are happy to put me in the car even more."

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