Palmer gets third chassis for Canada

By on Friday, June 3, 2016
Renault Sport

Renault Sport

Jolyon Palmer will receive his third chassis of the season at next weekend's Canadian Grand Prix, following his high-speed accident in Monaco.

Palmer, who has yet to score a point in 2016, was given a new chassis in Spain in the wake of struggles early in the season.

However, that chassis suffered damage in Monaco, when he hit the barriers along the pit straight in wet conditions, before suffering a secondary impact at Sainte Devote.

"Kevin [Magnussen]’s incidents mainly damaged bolt-on parts whereas Jolyon’s incident means we will use a new chassis – R.S.16-04 – for Montréal," said Renault chassis technical director Nick Chester.

"The car hit the barriers quite hard at an oblique angle which damaged the front of the chassis and since we have a new chassis available it makes sense to introduce it.

"Fortunately, 04 was pretty far along on its build so we only needed to complete fuel cell installation and wiring for it to be ready for Canada."

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