Overtaking wing system not confusing - Whiting

By on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mar.16 (GMM) The FIA insists the new adjustable rear wing systems and their deployment in 2011 will not confuse spectators.

When it emerged this week that the zones at which the gap between duelling cars will be measured will differ throughout the F1 calendar this year, Sebastian Vettel said that will be difficult to "explain" to the public.

But FIA race director Charlie Whiting said the situation will not be confusing.

"There is no reason to suppose spectators will be confused," he said in an interview provided by the governing body.

"Operation of the wing ... is simple, there will be marks on the track to show the area where proximity is being detected and a line across the track at the point where the drivers whose system is armed may deploy it," he explained.

"Furthermore, the television broadcasters will be sent a signal each time a system is armed and this will be displayed to the viewers."

Whiting however admitted that drivers will be able to override the automated arming system in the event of an electronic failure, but that "heavy penalties" will apply for "unauthorised use".

He said the entire system could be tested during practice in Melbourne.

"We will discuss the possibility of using part of a free practice session in Melbourne with the teams on the day before first practice," said Whiting.

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