Overtaking in F1 'should be difficult' - Vettel

By on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb.16 (GMM) New world champion Sebastian Vettel has admitted he is no supporter of F1's mandatory adjustable rear wings in 2011.

At the Jerez test last week, having already experimented with the systems earlier, teams for the first time trialled the FIA-coded software that will govern when the rear wings can be triggered on track this year to aid overtaking.

Fernando Alonso commented that he believes the current specification, with wings to only be triggered in the last 600 metres of a straight, will not make overtaking much easier.

"Overtaking in F1 has always been difficult," German Vettel told Italy's La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Whoever manages to get past gets the same sort of admiration as a goal scorer in football."

He therefore thinks F1's new overtaking system, in combination with boost-button KERS units, is a "risk".

"There is a risk that the public thinks overtaking will now be too easy," insisted Vettel.

The Red Bull driver admits he is an admirer of F1's purer days.

"The drivers should be driving, not playing with all sorts of different buttons and systems," he said.

"Last year there was the F-duct, now its the rear wing and KERS. I'm not totally convinced that this is all a good thing," complained Vettel.

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