Other tyre marques feared for 'image' - Ecclestone

By on Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19 (GMM) Pirelli was the right choice for 2011 because the alternative tyre suppliers did not want to spice up formula one.

That is the claim of Bernie Ecclestone, who in recent days has thanked the Italian marque for agreeing to deliberately produce tyres that degrade quickly.

"Only Pirelli would do it, and we must thank them. It was brave and the show has improved," he said in an interview with Swiss newspaper Blick.

"Michelin and Bridgestone refused to build tyres like this because they were worried about their image," added Ecclestone.

He claims "90 per cent" of the vastly different spectacle in 2011 is due to Pirelli.

"The effect of the adjustable rear wing is not entirely clear, and KERS was never meant to be a passing aid but was instead for the message we give to the outside."

Ecclestone admits he is no fan of F1's efforts to appear 'green'.

"Some have KERS, some don't, and the ones that do have spent up to $15 million when we really wanted to save. An incredible amount of money was spent and nobody knows why.

"If we wanted it for overtaking, we could have done it like the A1 series and just put in a button for a few hundred dollars.

"Environmentally friendly technology is for touring cars," he said. "That's where it makes sense, because the cars you see there you also see on the street.

"If you compare formula one with other sports, it isn't bad. The Tour de France burns more fuel than us -- just think of the Tour's huge entourage.

"The biggest consumption of gas is by the spectators who come to the event, but try saying to an organiser that he should sell 10 per cent fewer tickets," added Ecclestone.

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