Ocon completes Ferrari test at Fiorano

By on Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Formula 3 Champion Esteban Ocon has completed his second Formula 1 test in less than a week after sampling the Ferrari F10 at Fiorano.

Ocon, 18, claimed this season's F3 title in his rookie campaign and the Lotus youngster was rewarded by the squad with a two-day test in the squad's 2012 race-winning E20 at Valencia last week.

But as his official prize for winning the championship, Ocon received a Ferrari test in their 2010 machine at the outfit's test track in Italy.

"I am very honoured to have had this opportunity," he said. "The track is very nice, very technical and varied and the car provides plenty of excitement with all its power and the way it responds immediately to driver input. I would like to thank all the mechanics and the team which supported me and I hope this day will prove useful for my future as a racing driver."

Luca Baldisserri, head of the Ferrari Driver Academy, was impressed with the Frenchman's progress.

"It’s always very exciting for we engineers to be there when a young driver gets behind the wheel of a Ferrari Formula 1 car for the first time, because even if we are used to working with rookies, it’s a real surprise to see someone to take to the track, showing a level of professionalism as demonstrated by Esteban today," he said.

"Despite it being his first time in one of our cars, he tackled the test without making any mistakes and was quick right from the start. It’s not an easy task, especially on an emotional level, because I reckon that driving a Ferrari is a dream for anyone who wants to be a professional racing driver and we hope that today’s good results are a good sign for his future."

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