Now Williams following Red Bull's lead on exhausts

By on Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mar.10 (GMM) Williams will become the next team to follow Red Bull's lead with the layout of its blown exhaust system.

After reportedly finding itself a few tenths behind the RB7 in initial testing, Ferrari is believed to have hastily copied the layout that is now being tested in Barcelona.

A similar upgrade has also been put together for Williams' FW33.

"We have played with all the different variations in CFD," the British team's technical director Sam Michael is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport.

"The most efficient solution is Red Bull's," he concluded.

The German report said the FW33's similar layout will debut on Thursday.

It is believed that Mercedes' new layout, also tested for the first time this week, is a variation of both the Red Bull and Renault solutions.

Ferrari technical boss Aldo Costa denies that the 150 Italia's new version is a Red Bull copy.

"This package was planned well in advance," he insisted.

True or not, the Italian team has 80 team members in Barcelona this week, including senior engineers Costa, Nicolas Tombazis and Pat Fry.

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