No quick fix for Korea 'love motel' problem

By on Friday, March 4, 2011

Mar.4 (GMM) Some visitors to South Korea for the country's second formula one race this year will again have to stay in so-called "love motels".

That is the admission of Joo Dong-sik, head of the Yeongam event's organising committee, after a meeting this week.

Korea won the FIA's 2010 race promotion prize, but from other quarters the event was criticised for problems including circuit construction delays and poor management.

Another high profile problem was the fact that - with the city section of the facility not yet built - many team members and journalists stayed in what became known as 'love motels'.

The phrase was coined due to the hotel rooms' obviously frequent usage by prostitutes.

"We are currently faced with no other options but to utilise existing accommodations and upgrade their quality," said Dong-sik, admitting the accommodation shortage.

"But we feel that the upgrades, such as free internet and cable television, will satisfy our visitors," he told the Joongang daily.

It has also been announced that tickets are significantly cheaper for this year's October event in a bid to boost attendance.

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