Newey urges changes after 'shortsightedness'

By on Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pirelli F1 Tyres 2013Red Bull's Adrian Newey has urged the FIA to take action after a series of tyre failures that blighted the British Grand Prix.

Race leader Lewis Hamilton suffered a failure early on, while Felipe Massa, Sergio Perez, Esteban Gutierrez and Jean-Eric Vergne were all hindered by Pirelli failures.

"You really need to ask Pirelli but we asked the drivers to stay off the kerbs because they say it was the left rear."

"Its a sad state of affairs, such is the nature of Formula 1 that its been clear that there's been a number of worrying tyre failures throughout the year, Pirelli came up with a solution with a different construction offered initially for Montreal. Two or three teams vetoed that because they feared they get behind and because of that shortsightedness we end up with Formula 1 putting on a worrying performance and concerns over driver safety."

I'd be very disappointed if after today there was no action.

"The nature of circuit aggravates it," Newey toldĀ Driving For Pleasure. "High speed corners at Silverstone [helped]; whether that's a problem at the Nurburgring I wouldn't like to say but Pirelli appear to have a solution that needs to be wheeled out as soon as possible."

"If the championship is decided by random tyre failures then that wouldn't be a very satisfying championship."

"Safety wise there's two issues; the car that has the accident due to that failure, then 3 kilos or whatever of tread flying around, if that hits the helmet it doesn't bear thinking about."

Newey also confirmed that Sebastian Vettel's retirement was caused by transmission failure.

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