Newey: Lack of time cost Red Bull at Jerez

By on Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull's chief technical officer Adrian Newey says a lack of time caused the team to air their problems in public at the first test at Jerez.

Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo were able to complete just 21 laps across four days of running in the RB10.

Overheating issues with the RB10 were also compounded by Renault's own problems with its power units.

"What stopped us at Jerez, on our side as opposed to Renault's side, was a problem where the bodywork local to the exhaust was catching fire," Newey told Autosport.

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"It's a problem which hopefully we can get on top of ready for Bahrain.

"It was really a lack of time. It was something that we could have proved out on the dyno if we had managed to get everything together earlier. But Renault have been up against it in terms of their use of the dyno, we have been up against it making the parts in time.

"So I think had we been a couple of weeks further ahead then that could all have been done in private on the dyno. But unfortunately it was done in public."

Newey added that while he accepted responsibility for Red Bull's problems, Renault's power unit also has a large cooling requirement.

"Hands up on our side, that was a Red Bull problem," said Newey.

"It was, you could argue, a result of aggressive packaging but we felt that we needed to take a few risks to try to get a good package that would minimise the aerodynamic damage of this very large cooling requirement."

"The Renault seems to have a particularly large cooling requirement. Everybody of the three engine manufacturers will have a different target for how hot their charge air is going back into the plenum and Renault have given us a fairly challenging target. It has all sorts of advantages if we can get there, but it is not easy to achieve."

The second test begins in Bahrain on Wednesday morning.

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