Newey annoyed as Red Bull 'flexi' saga rolls on

By on Friday, April 15, 2011

Apr.15 (GMM) Red Bull's rivals are playing games when their complain about flexible front wings, according to RB7 designer Adrian Newey.

The Briton told Germany's Auto Bild that it is the entire chassis concept of the dominant 2011 car that leads to the front wing being perceived as running unfairly lower than the opposition.

"It is not an issue about the front wing being bent or not," said Newey. "The secret is how the car is designed overall.

"There is the impression that the wing is closer to the ground than for example the McLaren, which has been designed with the opposite principle -- higher at the front and lower at the back," he added.

Newey admitted he is annoyed that despite building cars with opposing philosophies, Red Bull's rivals are making a meal of the low-riding front of the RB7.

"I have the impression that teams that have gone McLaren's way would have our concept prohibited, yet it was their own decision to build their cars the way they did," he said.

Newey said it is ludicrous to suggest that the front wing explains Red Bull's impressive pace so far in 2011, and Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso in China apeared to agree.

"Our problem at the moment has nothing to do with flexible wings," said the Spaniard.

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