Newey: 2012 Red Bull to be 'an evolution'

By on Friday, October 7, 2011

Photo credit: Red Bull GEPA

Red Bull's 2012 car will once again be an evolution of its successful predecessor, designer Adrian Newey revealed on Friday.

It was reported this week that, with Ferrari taking a radical approach to its new car, Newey's RB8 would also surprise the paddock when it is launched early next year.

Newey confirmed to reporters in Japan that, despite Sebastian Vettel's dominance with the 2011 car, his technical team has pushed hard with its successor.

"Our approach is certainly not complacency, so we're not thinking 'We don't have to do anything, we'll still be quick enough next year'. That would be enormous folly."

A fundamental change for 2012 is the banning of the exhaust blown diffusers, but otherwise the rules are staying fairly stable.

"So, in that sense, the car will be an evolution, it will bear a family resemblance to the RB5, RB6, RB7 lineage. It's just a matter of pushing on, as always," said Newey.

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