New Jersey governor says no problem with 2013 race

By on Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Jersey governor Chris Christie is not worried plans for a Formula One street race next June are set to collapse.

Bernie Ecclestone triggered the uncertainty by revealing that the race organisers currently do not have a contract, despite the fact a June 16 date for the 'grand prix of Jersey' was ratified by the FIA at the end of last week.

The New York race, however, was listed with an asterisk denoting 'TBC' (to be confirmed).

Governor Christie said he phoned chief organiser Leo Hindery after reading about the reported uncertainty.

"He (Hindery) told me that it's absolutely happening," Christie told reporters.

"I called and reached out and he told me there's not a problem. It's on the schedule."

A spokesman for Hindery insisted there would be no comment "on financial arrangements with Formula One".

Indeed, Christie admitted he didn't know why the FIA listed the New Jersey race with an asterisk.

"No one can explain it to me," he said. "But I called the guy (Hindery) who's in charge of the group that's running the race and he told me it's definitely happening, no problem."

F1 chief executive Ecclestone told the Wall Street Journal on Monday that some provisions of the original New Jersey contract "went unfulfilled".

But he added: "If they get together with all the provisions, everything will be ok."

Hindery said: "We expect to fully satisfy all of F1's requirements in the weeks ahead."

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