New Ferrari to borrow ideas from rival teams

By on Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ferrari's 2012 car will borrow some ideas from Red Bull and other rival teams in formula one.

That is the admission of chief designer Nikolas Tombazis, who is heading the project of what has been described as an "aggressive" change of direction for the famous Italian team.

But recently in Korea, Ferrari ran a 2012-style new wing that some observers analysed as similar to the philosophy seen this year in Red Bull's dominant car.

"One can not ignore the competition, nor that Red Bull wins (the championships)," Tombazis is quoted by the website of Italian magazine Autosprint.

"But Red Bull are not the only ones with interesting solutions; there are also solutions to consider on the slower cars," he said. "We don't need to hide that.

"However I believe that next year's car will have lots of different elements, all ours. It would be absolutely unfair to say that it is a Red Bull.

"It will be a Ferrari but it will be different in different areas, with new solutions in other areas. It will be a mix," added Tombazis.

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